So I’ve got this band. Who can I talk to about booking?

The booking contact for Vinyl is


First thing: If you have never played the market or the venue, don’t ask to play The Loft or Center Stage. Vinyl is a stepping stone to those venues. Vinyl is a 300 capacity room located in Midtown Atlanta (not as easy to fill as you may think). Remember: Vinyl is a band driven venue. No one is just walking by the venue to pop in and see who is playing.

What kind of materials should I send?

In your e-mail please include:

  • the BAND’S NAME in the subject line and in the e-mail
  • web site
  • Myspace, Facebook, etc. pages
  • bio (if not on one of the web sites)
  • what kind of band you are (rock, pop, funk, etc.)
  • venues you have played in the market and your typical draw
  • something that sets you apart from other bands like producers you have worked with, tours you have been on, feature in any publication
  • contact information with at least an e-mail address and a phone number for the most reliable person in the band

You may also mail a press kit to:

1374 West Peachtree St
Atlanta, GA 30309
Attn: Vinyl Booking

Please include a picture of the most current band members, bio (if you don’t have one, make one up – it doesn’t have to be long, just describe the band), CD with contact information on the CD as well as band name. With Myspace, Facebook, ReverbNation, etc., being so accessible these days mailing a press kit would be my last choice and will save you some time and money.

I sent my press kit. What now?

I will normally e-mail you back saying that I will take a listen and let you know if we can do anything. Please don’t e-mail every day/week once you know I received your information. If there is a fit for your band I will let you know. If a month goes by and you haven’t heard from me then you can e-mail me again with a reminder.

Sweet! We got a show booked! What should we do now?

  • PLEASE DO NOT BOOK ANOTHER SHOW IN THE ATLANTA MARKET WITHIN A MONTH OF YOUR VINYL DATE. No band can bring all their fans to every show at every club in town. If they have a choice they will pick one show over another and split your crowd for both shows.
  • post the show on all web sites you use
  • send or drop off posters to the venue (as soon as possible after your date is confirmed).
  • make every show an event. Just because you book a show at Vinyl or any other venue doesn’t mean anyone is going to show up, right?