Interested in the music business?

Rival Entertainment offers a Venue Operations and Marketing internship each Spring, Summer and Fall. This internship is comprised of six show-night positions and daytime box office hours. Through a scheduled rotation of these different positions, interns will gain an in-depth understanding of all aspects of venue operations, management and marketing. This experience will enable interns to explore the different fields of the concert and promotion industry.

Daytime Box Office Hours include responsibilities such as Show Promotions, Social Media and Marketing, Street Team, Box Office Sales, In-Depth Ticket Reporting,
and Booking / Financial & Management Shadowing.

On show nights, interns will shadow and serve as an assistant in the following areas vital to staging any show: Box Office, Event Management, Scanner,
Production, and Merchandise.

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter and resume to
Nikki Grey – grey (at)