• All Ages Welcome
• Vinyl is a general admission, standing room venue
• Tickets available online via Ticketalternative.com or without ticket fees in person at the Center Stage Box Office, M-F, 11-6. Online sales end at 4pm on day of show.

BEAU+LUCI - http://bit.ly/2hJyaYq
Flower children with rock ’n’ roll souls,” Beau + Luci, sisters from the swamplands of Southern Georgia, enchant audiences with hypnotizing harmonies and bluesy melodies. Growing up in Waycross, Georgia, just a few miles from the Okefenokee Swamp, their music combines the mystery and folklore of “the land of the trembling earth” with their own blend of bluesy Americana rock. Heavily influenced by the Allman Brothers, Fleetwood Mac, Emmylou Harris, and Johnny Cash, with their undeniable approach to storytelling steeped in ageless spirituals, blues, and classic rock, Beau + Luci captive souls from all walks life. At the young ages of 19 and 22, raised listening to generations of diverse, legendary artists, these two sisters have cultivated their artistic skills from a vibrant and rich Georgia music culture.

PRISCA - http://bit.ly/2y3K5Xl
PRISCA is a soulful artist who is unapologetically showing all of her colors. Her magical versatility and strength as a vocalist, songwriter and piano player, create musical nuances that steal your breath as you experience her performance. PRISCA’s emotional intelligence is laced into the way that she uses her voice and writing which becomes the common thread in her music and her self-empowering messages. As 1/4 of Bravo Ocean, including Grammy nominated Nick Chahwala, Charles Malone, and Swedish artist Ulrika, this soulful pop songstress and recording artist has been called upon to write for both independent and label artists in the likes of Justin Bieber, Christina Aguilera, Jessie McCartney, The Voice, American Idol and many others. She was hand picked by Kelly Clarkson to share the stage during her Piece by Piece tour, topped the charts with a #1 hit on iTunes for her song “Kamikaze” featured on KB’s album ‘100’, and has toured as a singer for Ben Folds during his symphonic orchestra concert series.

Sarah Zuniga - http://bit.ly/2xOF8Cr
Sarah Zúñiga is a New York born singer-songwriter and guitarist who has made Athens, Georgia her home. Sarah is fluent in Spanish having parents from Ecuador and Nicaragua; a different but beautiful combination.

Over the past 12 years, since the age of 11, she has been in the entertainment business as a catalogue model, actress, and singer. She has studied acting and music in New York with professionals from New York University Tisch School of the Arts, The Metropolitan Opera, and Broadway. Her performances range from non-profit fundraisers for cancer to well-known venues such as Hendershots Coffee Bar in Athens to The Vinyl/Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia and local pubs in Ireland and England.

Sarah has written and composed a great deal of songs both in Spanish and English in genres including folk, coffeehouse, and alternative. Some of these songs will be featured in her upcoming debut EP, Someday Soon. She has released her first single, People Do Crazy Things For Love, on Spotify, iTunes, GooglePlay, Apple Music, and Amazon! You may find her on Reverbnation, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as SarahZunigaMusic.

On her off time, Sarah produces music videos for herself and other local artists. She has recently graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Affairs, completing her senior year at the University of Oxford, England. She is a strong supporter of sustainability and eco-friendly practices in order to help maintain a healthy Earth.

Sarah’s ongoing mission is to reach out to a major audience and inspire hope and realism through her catchy melodies and honest lyrics. Her songs stand out from the rest because her lyrics display raw human emotions, whether of sadness, rage, joy, fear, or excitement, channeled into music you can get into.

SEERSHA - http://bit.ly/2xN6DyE
New artist Seersha is a songwriter, vocalist and producer hailing from ATL. Listening to her chill electropop vibe, it’s hard to believe that just six months ago you would have found her in Nashville writing primarily country songs for anyone but herself. Missing Atlanta and disillusioned with the formulaic writing style of Music City, Seersha came home in October 2016 to find her own way.

She spent the next few weeks hidden away in her apartment, writing for a new record of her own and producing herself in Ableton for the first time. She elaborates, “I turned off my phone, got off Facebook and just let myself do whatever felt intuitively right--it was a vulnerable, experimental time for me.” The result is a sparse synth-driven indiepop sound fraught with raw emotion and written solely by her in just 3 weeks.

While Seersha isn’t sharing much about her background, she will divulge the origin of her name--Seersha is the phonetic spelling of Saorise, an Irish or Scottish name meaning “freedom.” “That’s what this whole project is about for me: giving myself freedom to create whatever I want, with the intention of making space for the listener to freely feel,” she says.

Seersha cites influences as broad as her friend B.E.N’s impressionist bass poems (he is the only instrumentation on the record besides Seersha’s production) to Phil Collins to fellow ATL-based trip hop duo CLAVVS. Her self-titled debut EP comes available May 12, 2017 on her independent label Fox Nose Records.

Partials - http://bit.ly/2zkjZmq
Building on the tradition of Talking Heads and LCD Soundsystem, we make dance music that explores the personal and the paradoxical. Glossolalia, our debut EP expected this winter, was written over the course of twenty eight days in early 2017. With each song building on a different rhythmic engine, the result is danceable body music with plenty of cerebral depth.

Sydney Rhame - http://bit.ly/2xNrOAF
A nineteen-year-old singer-songwriter from Decatur, Ga. who began writing music and lyrics at the tender age of six, Sydney Rhame is an accomplished guitarist and pianist who has performed for more than 200 audiences throughout the country since the age of eight. Audiences are consistently surprised by her young age because of her insightful, mature lyrics and soulful voice, which have garnered her much media attention and label interest. Sydney received two record deal offers when she was just 11 years old.

A prolific songwriter in the acoustic pop-rock genre, Sydney’s body of work includes more than 100 original songs thus far. All ages – young and old – can relate to her songwriting. From her hilarious song “Grow” about a short guy friend, to her piano ballad, “Don’t’ Give It Away,” that deals with the pain of losing a family member, Sydney can have audiences laughing and crying during a typical performance. She has headlined sold out shows as well as opened for local and national touring artists such as Jamie Lynn Spears, Aaron Carter and Max Schneider.

She’s been compared to some of the strongest ladies in the music business: Adele for her deep, rich voice and guttural lyrics; Taylor Swift for her savant-like songwriting abilities and wholesomeness; and Kelly Clarkson for her vocal range and likability. But the truth is, Sydney has a unique sound and style all her own.

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