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• Vinyl is a general admission, standing room venue

"A.T.L. is pleased to announce a special evening for one time only early release of their debut EP "I eat I play I sleep with..." The motley crew of local Atlanta natives has been building buzz all over the big South with their original take on rock n' roll/pop/soul/RnB!"

The Electric Sons are an Atlanta indie/electronic band founded by, vocalist/guitarist, Andrew Miller and, keyboardist/vocalist, Ben Richards.

The band formed in 2011 when Miller left his job as an illustrator for the FX Network series, “Archer,” to team up with Richards, an advertising graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design. Miller and Richards quickly gained a following of local fans after releasing a home-recorded EP under the name “AM83”. Energized by the grass roots success of the EP, the duo set their sights on releasing a follow-up EP. It was during those writing sessions that Miller and Richard’s shared love for electronic music began to influence their writing. The result is their latest self-produced, self-titled EP, The Electric Sons.

Within a week of the band releasing the EP in May of 2012, the Electric Sons were featured on the cover of the national music publication, Indie Music Review Magazine where the EP garnered a 5-star review and critical praise. “From the production quality to the music, vocals, and lyrics: everything is a home run. After only 4 songs they will definitely leave you wanting more, so start it over and play it again!” (IMR, May 2012). The EP gained further momentum when the band was featured as Artist Of The Month on Fanbolt.com (over 130,000 followers). They soon after found themselves as featured artist on prominent music blogs such as The Kollection, DML.fm, Indie Music Filter, FMI Tracks, and many more.

Forming in January 2012, Alchemy is an alternative rock band from Atlanta, Georgia made up of Sami Michelsen, Sean Michelsen, Kenny Roberts, and Nick Whitson. The recent self-recorded EP "Alchemy: Volume I" can be heard onwww.soundcloud.com/alchemyga

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