• 18+ with valid photo ID
• Vinyl is a general admission, standing room venue

Young America is here to save you. When the monotony of today’s music is too much to handle, when the repetition and vanity of pop artists and bands bear down upon you like the heat of a Georgia summer day, when drudging through innumerable band profiles and glitzy web pages leaves you tired and thirsty for something more than glamour and hype, Young America is there for you. Like mana in the wilderness or a glass of tea on a hot and humid day, the tunes of Young America carry with them the promise of satisfaction, of relief.

The members of the band have found a perfect harmony with one another, all of them working together towards one goal, never aiming to outshine their peers. Underneath everything is the basic foundation of Taylor’s songwriting, brought to life by his thoughtful strums of the acoustic guitar and his delicate, yet energetic, crooning. Jensen and Will thump and tap along underneath and set the timbre and dynamic level of every song without ever overstating their presence in the music. On top of all of this Cale and Josh dance around eagerly and toy with the basic melodies of the songs, creating an elaborate harmonic interplay between the guitar and violin that manages to surround the songs in both a cinematic and startlingly intimate atmosphere.

Then there are the members of Young America that not everyone knows about. There’s me, for one. And then there’s you. Young America is something for everyone to be part of. If you a have passion for music, an allegiance to your friends, or if you have ever held hands with a lover, then you are a part of it. If you read books under trees, take walks in parks, or even if you just have a broken heart, then you are a part of it. Young America is about singing, love, camaraderie, and so much more. It’s about pick-up trucks, walking in your bare feet, growing beards, and wearing flannel shirts.

What is Young America? It’s America, and everything we love about it, but a bit fresher, a bit newer, a bit…younger.

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