• 18+ with valid photo ID
• Vinyl is a general admission, standing room venue

Echo Romeo is a new rock act, with indie, punk, and rock influences. We are 3/4 male, 1/4 female with dual M/F vocals. Our songs have some shoegazer sensibilities, with some edgy indie rock bravado thrown in. We have yet to be compared. You can be the first.

Boomfox (formerly the Sunlight Alchemists) is an Athens-based rock band.
"With time and focus, and more of the fiery confidence I've seen in footage of its live shows, this band could successfully ride on the '90s resurgence wave."

Add the amazing soaring vocals
to a quarter teaspoon of melodic guitar.
Throw in a cup of grooving bass
To finish it off add some funked out drums.

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