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“We try to steer our fate and plan for the future but time has a way of forcing events in our life, whether we’re ready for it or not” – Justin Keller, a.k.a. JK

That is the concept that defines the music of JK & The Lost Boys’ new release, Time Is Trouble. “It’s a visceral album. These songs are a reaction to events in my life that are part of growing up,” says front man JK. Sister Hazel’s fame
d guitarist, Ryan Newell, was enlisted as a producer, shaping a mature polish around the band’s raw high energy. Newell teamed with Atlanta’s Downright studios, producer/engineer Josh Golden, who helped craft Time Is Trouble into an energetic experience.

Striving to create an album that defines them, the band picked up bassist Chase Lamondo before laying down the demo. “After our first release, Street Lights and Avenues, we aimed to write music that was distinctly our own,” explains lead guitarist Jaz Dixon, who came on board with the band after engineering that first EP. Deeply metaphoric, JK’s lyrics take you through the experience of learning life’s hardest lessons while still trying to maintain a positive outlook. But JK & The Lost Boys has always been about the driving beat and high-energy that drummer Casey Courter helps keep in focus.

Raised in Rockdale County Georgia, JK and Casey formed the band before they could even vote. Courter talks about their high school beginnings, “Our first gig was an event at our school we did as a favor for a friend. Since then, everything’s been real natural and has gotten better over time.” Initially using music to express the feel-good vibes of teenage summers past, the band has toured throughout the southeast in the past year. “ I had good friends and good times growing up in Conyers and that came out when I sat down to write,” JK explains.

Now, with maturity only days on the road and hours in the studio can provide, JK & The Lost Boys has a new focus. Re-tooled to hit the road the band knows their worth and they don’t mind campaigning hard for the world to hear. “We’ll just keep playing shows and getting in front of people” Chase concludes, “..and having a damn good time doing it.”

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