• 18+ with photo ID
• Vinyl is a general admission, standing room venue

The Revels are creating a movement and revival in the music scene. Bringing back the roots of Rock'n'Roll with loud guitar amps, giant kick drums, fuzzy bass tones, overdriven organ, and raspy vocals. Heavily influenced by Classic Rock bands like Led Zeppelin and The Who, but intrigued by Modern Rock bands The Raconteurs, Band of Skulls, and Black Keys. The Revels found their niche in their world of music and their "Take No Prisoners" live show proves that Rock'n'Roll isn't dead. Listen and become part of the Revival.

Death On Two Wheels makes rock ’n’ roll dangerous again, with slurry-blurry lyrics, half-cocked dreamspeak of portents and regret, and a formidable guitar attack that recalls the nasty duels Allen Collins waged with Gary Rossington before Skynyrd’s final plane ride.  Following the same bumpy trail as Kings of Leon, this Atlanta fivesome seems to be in pursuit of darker mysteries on the band’s self-released debut. And unlike the Kings, they have more range and a greater reverence for ’70s classic rock, not to mention the eccentric bite of vocalist Trae Vedder.  Could he really have been christened with such a propitious rock name?  No matter, he has the same grit and red clay in his voice that Chris Robinson had before he got famous and complacent—but there’s something even more disturbing in Vedder’s delivery that almost veers into goth. Especially on a song like “Bobby Havis,” which shudders with psychedelic anxiety.  It’s a song so haunting it could’ve been penned in Rose Hill Cemetery next to Duane Allman’s headstone.
- Jaan Uhelszki, Paste Magazine

Alchemy- Forming in January 2012, Alchemy is an alternative rock band from Atlanta, Georgia made up of Sami Michelsen, Sean Michelsen, Kenny Roberts, and Nick Whitson. The recent self recorded EP "Alchemy: Volume I" can be heard onwww.soundcloud.com/alchemyga

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