• 18+ with photo ID
• Vinyl is a general admission, standing room venue

Marshall Seese is part of an unstoppable wave of talented singer/songwriters that are taking the Atlanta music community by storm. His “storyteller” style show brings in a diverse crowd, and the blues/pop fusion is approachable yet fresh, making people feel like they grew up down the street from him. The songs are catchy and comforting. “Home” and “Getting Back in the Car” are already getting radio play, and the complete album isn’t even mastered yet - proving that music lovers are hungry for something honest. His hard work and passion are obvious when you look at his life as a whole, leaving a successful law career behind to do his musical soul searching full time while balancing his life as the CEO of a thriving music-game company that produces Songster. With television appearances and interviews under his belt from a summer tour, you should come out and connect with what he's creating.

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