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• Vinyl is a general admission, standing room venue

Originally founded with vocalist and sample engineer Kadria, Bryon Brown on guitar and Chris Farmer on bass, Atlanta's Inviolate continues to create and perform with Kadria at the creative helm, along with an array of Atlanta's finest rock and metal talent on-stage and in the studio. Inviolate's sound is multi-faceted, defying the labels of mere "metal", "rock", "electronica", but a sonic blend of all. But the live show underlines the uniqueness of the music: At the activation of the electronic pulse, a lone bellydancer takes the stage. The mesmerizing movements draw the crowd closer and the rest of the band to the stage. Heavy nimble guitar riffs, thunderous bass lines, tight high-energy drumming and powerful female vocals make apparent that something new and unique is being experienced.

Formed in the Winter of 2001, ENDERS GAME released two EPs (Game Over and Breathe New Life) and recorded a third unreleased (due to line-up changes) full-length album before cementing the current line-up and releasing their latest full-length album, What We’ve Lost, in the Spring of 2010.
Listen to the music, and you immediately realize that you are experiencing something uncommon in today’s splintered and often cliché metal genre: a pure metal band offering solid songwriting instead of gimmick. Their music takes foundations in yesterday’s Thrash metal and fuses it with modern rhythms, plenty of hooks, memorable guitar solos and intelligible vocals. Asked about their songwriting goals, the band says, “When we write each song, we follow two guiding principles: write music we ourselves want to listen to, and write melodies so catchy you find yourself humming them long after the track has stopped playing.”

A growing force in the realm of female-fronted alternative metal, Charlotte, NC-based Tattermask weaves complex guitarwork into expressive drumbeats overlaid by powerful vocals with intellectual lyrics.

Music snobs... or “enthusiasts” ...express delight with the level of craft and analysis that this fivesome puts into its melodic/rhythmic interplay to create a deeper meaning for each song. With “an explosive sound that falls somewhere between Evanescence and Sevendust,” Tattermask proves it can run the gamut on the rock-metal continuum and maintain universal appeal.

Out of the ashes of two Atlanta bands, Broken Red and Sidekick Showdown, comes Drowning Out Tuesday. These two bands played side by side many, many times so when both bands called it quits, it was quite natural for the members link up to form a new group. They just couldn’t quit each other. Three-fifths of DOT hail from Broken Red: guitarists Zach Alexander and Paul Gleason, and bassist/background vocalist Julie Hess and is rounded out by Sidekick vets: vocalist Keith Eisla and drummer Greg Nicolas.

Though each member comes from a slightly different musical background, they mesh to create a sound that is in the vein of Three Day’s Grace, Foo Fighters and Skillet (minus the keyboards). Collectively, the members have played at popular Atlanta venues

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