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• Vinyl is a general admission, standing room venue
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-“I don’t even remember how old we were or what bands were playing” says Ty Turner of The Icarus Account as he begins to tell the story of the twins’ first concert experience. “Our dad was from Georgia and he loved country music,” chimes in Trey, adding “so he and our mom took us to a country music concert when we were six years old.” The boys didn’t know anything about music at the time - they didn’t know if they liked country or pop; they didn’t even know the artists or the songs; they just knew the feelings carried through the music. Midway through that McBride and the Ride show came the moment that marked the beginning of a lifelong dream.

“I remember that feeling,” says Ty, “I remember getting goosebumps from the music for the first time and I remember thinking to myself ‘I want to do that someday. I want to be able to play music that can give people goosebumps.’” Not long after that first concert, the boys began taking music lessons. They began with the piano and later took on violin as well. “We hated playing the violin,” remembers Ty. “Our parents used to make us walk around the block at Christmas time and play songs with our sisters for all of our neighbors.” And while they didn’t necessarily love those performances at the time, the experience paved the way for something bigger. “Our dad always used to say, ‘One day you’ll thank me for making you take lessons,’” Trey remembers, then laughs. “I guess he was right.” By the time the boys started playing guitar at the age of 12, everything in music seemed to come naturally to them, but the turning point was how much they began to enjoy it. The twins were immediately captivated by the guitar because, suddenly, they were able to play music that they loved. “We could hear a song on the radio and learn how to play it...that was huge,” says Ty. Music was about feeling - it wasn’t about playing the right notes, having the right bow-holding technique, or learning their scales. It was simply about emotion and what moved the boys. They listened to and learned the songs that gave them goosebumps. More importantly, they began to write songs that they hoped would give an audience goosebumps.

-Hydra Melody had a very busy 2013, they played 6 showcases at SXSW, toured most of the year including a performance at Summerfest in Milwaukee, they took a short break from the road in early fall to write new music, and ended the year opening for Third Eye Blind on their sold out fall tour. Hydra Melody plans to make a huge splash in 2014 by releasing two 4-5 song EPs. The band took a nostalgic approach on the first EP by self producing, tracking everything through a vintage 80 series Neve to 2" tape, and everyone is very happy with how things turned out doing it this way. Every Hydra Melody release this year will have a different approach and will be something you for sure don't want to overlook!

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