•18+ with photo ID
• Vinyl is a general admission, standing room venue

STONETHROW is a modern rock band from Atlanta, GA defined by their seamless blend of edgy, hard hitting rock and radio-ready hooks. The band’s debut EP ‘The Spark and The Flame’ was released in May of 2011, and tour support has been ongoing since the summer of 2011. The members of STONETHROW are a culmination of three standout regional acts: Vocalist/guitarist Jonathan Ingram (Stealing 3rd), bassist Alex Martinez (Gravity Zero), and drummer Thomas Branch (Alex Hall Band). In just over a year’s time, STONETHROW has shared the stage with a number of National and Worldwide acts such as Fuel, Candlebox, Smile Empty Soul, Tantric, All That Remains, 10 Years, Saliva, Flaw, and Taproot.

Downside is a highly energetic rock band blaring out of Atlanta, Georgia with aggressive vocals, thunderous drum beats, and an overall attacking sound. The band chemistry has been present for over a decade, but the stars began to align in 2011 when Downside performed on legendary stages throughout Atlanta such as the Tabernacle, Masquerade, 10 High and many more.

Nine- Atlanta-Based Blues/ Rock band with a punchy attitude and a keen sense for bringing Rock back to life. Take a listen and YOU decide!

POYNTE writes music that is a solid mix of individual influences that uniquely combine to provide driving rhythms, solid bass lines, and rocking guitars, all topped off with melodic vocals and harmonies. POYNTE has shared the stage with artists such as: SALIVA, DROWNING POOL, FUEL, TAPROOT, FLAW, SHAMANS HARVEST, POPEVIL, PARLIAMENT FUNKIDELIC,10 Years,ECHOVALVE, Joan Red, Hookers And Blow, Love Hate, SidAerial, 11 Standing Still, Echos End, Greedy White Citizens,Rockets To Ruin, Subdivisons,Croma, Rusted Soul, Six Shot Revival,NeeDeep, Almost Kings,Defying Silence, Minerva Music Festival with bands such as 10 Years, All That Remains,Joan Red,Stone Throw, Underoath,Cory Smith,Times Of Grace,New Found Glory and many more.

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