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Blue October, the San Marcos, TX-based band known for shimmering rock songs and haunting lyrics on albums such as 2009’s Billboard Top 15 debut,
Approaching Normal, 2011’s Billboard Top Ten debut Any Man In America and the Platinum-selling Foiled,makes a triumphant return with Sway (Up/Down
Records), the band’s first album in two years.

With lush, atmospheric songs such as “Bleed Out,” “Angels In Everything” and “Fear,” and the edgy rocker“Put It In,” the Texas four-piece comes back strong
with a revitalized energy and a positive outlook. As singer Justin Furstenfeld puts it: “This album is about why life is so beautiful. It’s about facing fears and
recognizing miracles every day. It’s about enjoying yourself and realizing that life is not something you can half-ass.”

The band began writing the album after coming off a series of tour dates in 2012. Drummer Jeremy Furstenfeld echoes his brother’s attitude. “, “The band is in a
really great space now, everyone is healthy, happy, and doing well. That’s changed our point of view, and you can hear that new perspective on the album.”

Produced by Justin Furstenfeld and David Castell (who also produced the band’s History for Sale and co-produced the PlatinumFoiled) and recorded at Fire Station
Studios in San Marcus, TX,the writing for the new album began with Justin.

“I had about 60 songs...we recorded fifteen, and then decided on thirteen of those for the album. I usually write all the songs and then we get together.” But the singer is quick to point out that Blue October’s music is a band effort. “I’ve got all these songs, songs that would be good with a piano and acoustic guitar; then Ryan comes in and he laces them together with beautiful harmonies and cellos and violins and that gives the songs that sensitive side. Matt is about structure: he makes sure the songs are tight and the sounds are good – he’s also a producer so he knows when to take something out, if a verse is going too long or a part needs to be cut. He’s a genius. And my brother, Jeremy, our drummer, is really good at locking down what works for the song.”

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