•18+ with photo ID
• Vinyl is a general admission, standing room venue

From the heart of the south, Georgia, emerges the band LiQuiD.  They are ready to take on Atlanta, the United States, and the world as the NEW power pop/rock band.  The LiQuiD mission; to take you on a ride.  All the elements of this band are torqued and tuned to precise specifications to perform at the highest level in EVERY category. The music, the lyrics, the vocals, the guitars, the sounds, the rhythms, the performance; all are parts that blend freely to create a complete musical ripple from the first drop.

Songs, “The Formation” and “It’s Not Over” get the adrenaline pumping and “It Could Be So Easy” and “What We Do” keep the juices flowing and the body moving.  While the ethereal sounds of “Here Forever” and “Let Me Fly” appeal to the fancies of the mind, letting it soar freely into the Universe, almost to an out of body experience.

The force of LiQuiD’s live show is the wickedly unimaginable talent of its members.  All are exceptionally skilled and faithful to the art of music. Denis Rand, founder and guitarist is an arresting match for the powerhouse vocals of Chase Breedlove, a fierce and dynamic frontman.  Add the intelligent schooled musicianship of bassist Levi White and powerful sounds of drummer Luis Madrid and you have the solid unit THAT is LiQuiD; an avant garde pop music hit factory and one of the few bands around that gives up such a delicious and complete listening experience when they play. There are no missed beats here.

LiQuiD has recently joined forces with legendary music consultants “The Music Umbrella” and currently are preparing for radio, t.v., and print campaigns and tour support. Don’t miss LiQuiD flowing into your city soon.

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