Save live music in Atlanta. #SaveOurStages

Independent live music venues across the country are at risk of closing permanently as a result of Covid-19. Imagine Atlanta without Center Stage, Masquerade, Smiths Olde Bar, The Sound Table, or The Fox Theatre. These institutions that host the artists that shape our live music culture would be tragic losses to the community of Atlanta.

Across Georgia, 50 independent venues have joined forces with 3,000 more nationwide to create NIVA – National Independent Venue Association. Our venues were the among the first businesses to close as a result of the pandemic and will be the last to fully reopen and welcome crowds for concerts again. Together, NIVA members are working to advocate Congress to support the workers and independent venues so badly impacted by the pandemic. Without help, 90% of these independent venues will not survive the pandemic.

We ask our congress to support:
Save Our Stages Act – to support independent venues and festivals.
RESTART America Act – to support small businesses across many industries
Extended Federal Unemployment Insurance – to support our colleagues and workers who cannot work because work is not available.

It is now more important for music fans throughout Atlanta, Georgia and America to speak up if you love live music and want to protect independent venues in your community. We need our Senators Loeffler and Perdue to be champions for live music and we need your help making that happen.

You can help save live music by sending your message to our Senators with the click of a button at @