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Almost Legendary

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Almost Legendary

After being dormant for more than a decade, Atlanta based Almost Legendary is back at it with a refined sound inspired by melodic EDM and incorporating elements of their Pop-punk roots. After returning in 2022, Almost Legendary has been periodically releasing new singles with flavors and flares that will make you squeal with joy.

In 2024 Almost Legendary began grinding away in various studios to craft the perfect mix of poetry, ear candy, rattling bass drops, and energetic melodies. These sessions have culminated in a steady drip of song releases on their debut full-length album, Set Free.

Almost Legendary has been fortunate to work with legends such as Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount of ZK Productions, play Warped Tour, share the stage with some of pop-punk’s biggest acts, and surface on multiple episodes of Keeping up with the Karsdashians.

Nadia Vaeh

IMA “Vox Pop” winner and Atlanta native Nadia Vaeh is turning heads worldwide for trailblazing what is now coined “poptimistic-rock.” With her conscious, narrative-flipping songs, Nadia embraces your inner villain, addressing the lows of mental health, the highs of toxic relationships, and the roller-coaster that we call life.  

Her lifelong love of poetry and music was inherited from her mother, who, in a tragic turn of events, she lost to suicide at the age of 17. This devastating loss is what fuels Nadia’s endless drive to create awareness of the importance of mental health. Early year side hustles in modeling, and an unexpected stint with an Atlanta circus, Nadia learned how to captivate an audience through performance and honing her skills as the bombastic, forthright show-woman she is today.

Fast-forward and we have the electrifying, and explosive feel-good fun in one magenta-colored package, Nadia Vaeh, who is known for deeply connecting with her audience, advocating for and offering inclusive, safe spaces for those who may feel excluded, anxious, or out of place in their own lives. “I hope my songs can provide some refuge for my listeners and help keep them inspired to go for their dreams.”



Coruja has dedicated their life to the sonic world. They began their career in music at a young age, learning how to market and manage their own band in high school. They performed nationally around the USA and studied vocals under Ebony Childs at Jan Smith Studios for eight years. They began their undergraduate studies as a music performance major then had a shift of interest to audio engineering. They moved to London in 2013 and Graduated from SAE (School of Audio Engineering) Institute of London in 2015.

Upon their return to Atlanta, they interned under multi-platinum music producing/ writing/ mixing team Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount at ZK Productions where they furthered their knowledge in music production. After a year and a half interning with ZK Productions, Coruja landed a job at Crawford Media, a post production sound studio in Atlanta where their love for post production sound grew.

In 2017, they began developing LMP Productions where they were able to bridge the gap of sound for films, music production, and artist development. They continue to produce music for themselves and other artists in Atlanta.

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