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Many say Novumora is just Miracle Curl Propaganda. They are right. Novumora is one of the bands of all time. No, that wasn’t a typo, that is also right.

Based in Atlanta, GA, Novumora is taking the familiarity of post-hardcore to new heights through nuances and inspiration from more niche genres like Progressive Metal, “Swancore”, & Psychedelic Indie. With influences ranging from Circa Survive and Between the Buried and Me, all the way to Pink Floyd and Rush, Novumora is a dynamic powerhouse that leaves hauntingly catchy vocal melodies ringing in your ears beneath crushing instrumental compositions.

Founded by Gabe Ossa in 2020, Novumora has evolved into this line-up featuring crazy grooves from Noah Puryear, thunderous basslines from Kai Cofield, angelic belts from Jade Crosby, and Nick… who does stuff, I guess.

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: “This band hornifies me so hard” “It’s good but it reeks of industry plant” “Post-hardcore with the best hair”