Citizen Soldier

Citizen Soldier

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Citizen Soldier

Citizen Soldier was born in 2016 when frontman Jake Segura penned the lyrics to “Let It Burn” from a psychiatric hospital. Now practicing as a clinical therapist, he implements intensely emotional lyrical themes on mental health into their music. The band presents an accessible message that combats stigmatization and provides a group therapy dynamic.

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Segura is joined by guitarists Matt Duffney and Kooper Hanosky, bassist/keyboardist Wonitta, and drummer Kyle Persell.

Icon For Hire

Currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee, Icon For Hire knows a thing or two about building a loyal fan base. From local clubs in Decatur to Warped Tour and Download Fest, they have amassed a dedicated “Icon Army” that continues to grow with each single release. Moving away from the record label system in 2016, and with a devoted following of over 700,000 followers across social platforms, lead singer Ariel Bloomer and guitarist Shawn Jump have relied on their fans to support their independently released albums, Billboard-charting You Can’t Kill Us in 2016, and their most recent release, Amorphous in 2021.


Halocene is 100% independent and has been since their formation in 2008. They take a fan-led approach to making music; letting their fanbase guide and shape their sound. The band has diversified their audience, gaining a massive presence on many social media platforms including YouTube, Tiktok, and Twitch. Their new album “Maleficent” gives a voice to the darkest parts of your mind.