Plywood Presents: Here to There

Plywood Presents: Here to There

Plywood Presents: Here to There

Plywood Presents is a gathering for the purposeful doers, dreamers, activists, investors, volunteers, mentors and sustainers. An unforgettable experience. Plywood is a community of start-ups doing good. Changing the way we grow, learn and collaborate. A live action documentary experience. An evening introducing a new way forward. It’s talks, films, edutainment and community working together to cause action. 

If you have never been to Plywood Presents, we are excited to welcome you into this community that cares about making things better. For 14 years, we have been gathering for inspiring talks, aspirational projects and connections that can make any idea come to life. If you are a nonprofit leader, this is a place for you. If you are a social entrepreneur, there is an education waiting for you. If you love to get involved in projects that make a difference, you will be surrounded by people to serve with. If you are a corporate leader, this space will bring you innovative new thinking that will change how you work. This is your invitation to join us. 

Featured Presenters Include: 

Brad Montague – Creator of Kid President

Tara McMullin – Author of What Works

Nigel Darius – Poet and Host

Terence Lester –  Founder of Love Beyond Walls

Tedashii Anderson – HipHop Artist and Founder of Chase Foundation

Kishshana Palmer – Founder of The Rooted Collaborative

Dr. Tam Lucas – Founder of The Cube

Tuere Butler – Director of Operation of Plywood People

Jeff Shinabarger – Founder of Plywood People