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Combining a desire to positively impact the social environment of the world and a tendency to stumble out of the boundaries of traditional pop writing, MENU delivers a visual and auditory voyage that leaves listeners wanting to call that old friend.

Steve Martin (Guitar, Vocals, Production) Mick Hutchins (Synth, Vocals, Production) Yoatzin Anaya (Guitar, FromSoft) James Norton III (Bass, Memes) Mike Michaels (Drums, Bottom Text)

MENU began in 2014 when Steve Martin and Mick Hutchins decided to play acoustic performances of their favorite cover songs. The need to unify their friends in the uncertain journey known as adolescence sparked the two to pursue a professional career in the art of bringing people together. After a hiatus from 2017 to 2020, the band moved back from college to ATL to continue with new knowledge, experiences, and creativity.


Alongside their hybrid strain of alternative, punk, acoustic, and in your face hard rock music, Hexproof calls upon personal experiences, past memories, wishful thinking, everyday reality, literature, and passionate emotions to spread their message to the world.

Hexproof was launched in aspiration to inspire those that feel out of place, or put down in their surrounding environment. 

The band aims to remind as many people as possible that the realm of music is the paramount form of escaping the overwhelming happenings of reality. Also, that failure is a totally normal part of the growth process that is easy to learn from, letting go of the small things in life and throwing aside every day excuses will make it easier to turn negative thoughts or feelings into the motivation it takes to transform even the wildest aspirations into a livable reality.


Kruiser is a rock band hailing from the Baltimore area who’ve been steady playing live and recording since 2016. Hard rock with a heavy blues influence, a little bit of funk and R&B, and just the right amount of groove to get you moving.

Stay Here

A rock band from Atlanta, GA