On The Run Tour

On The Run Tour

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DDK is the quintessential modern rapper. Hailing from Maryland with a history of hardships, a chip on his shoulder, and a love for music. DDK bursted onto the scene in late 2020 with his single “Is It Real” DDK now drops singles monthly to build his “DDKULT” fanbase & isn’t afraid to bend genre’s at his will to make history. Mixing soul samples reminiscent of the golden age of hip hop, with modern drums. Ushering in a unique sound only he truly uses. One of the big reasons for his love for music, is to use it as an outlet. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and depression you hear a certain vulnerability in songs like “The Assembly” and “hollow”, “trauma” talking about how societal pressures make him feel and his goals. And as stated in his songs, DDK’s main clear goals are to “be the greatest of all time” and “inspire a new generation”. So inherently, there is a great list of people who inspire him. Coming all the way from hip hop legends, Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar, to 70’s bands like Earth Wind & Fire, and the Isley Brothers. To rock legends like Kurt Cobain & Artists like Daniel Johnston. Mix all that up into big jar and you’ve got DDK. A rapper who is unapologetically himself, A rapper who isn’t afraid to speak up about mental health issues & societal pressures, and in his own words “the glue between the old and new generation”


Ser Amari

Ser Amari is a 20-year-old hip-hop artist, entrepreneur, influencer & music investor based in New York City. Though he currently lives in New York City, Ser was raised in Atlanta, Georgia and draws much of his inspiration from Atlanta artists. He finds himself mostly listening to modern R&B music but the influence of Atlanta can be heard throughout his discography, with many of his listeners comparing his cadence to the likes of JID or Andre 3000. From lyrical pieces like “east atl.” and “extortion.” to R&B tracks like “mstrpcs vol. 2” and “won’t be long” to club songs like “she want” and “TAKE V”, Ser is always experimenting with his musical style.


Thus far, there has been many fascinating and phenomenal musicians being added to the game. One of them being Muchi. The rapper and producer began making music in 2018, releasing his first sequence of music on primarily SoundCloud. The slow rise since then has been unique, supported by a strong and innovative discography which earned him his devoted and loyal fan base. He’s released his first independent EP Ego < Confidence this year, with the entirety of the project being proclaimed unique by Matt Swain of Early Rising. He now has over 3 million streams across all platforms.