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Pasadena is an Americana Country band from Atlanta, GA. Songs that fit like an old pair of boots. Honest songs filled with tales of life’s ups and downs.

In early March 2020, Pasadena gathered in a rehearsal space in Atlanta and started writing songs to the upcoming full-length record, Let This Be A Lesson To Your Leader. After a quarantine pause and a slow year, Part 2 of Let This Be A Lesson To Your Leader is out now

Summer Rental

Hailing from one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S, Summer Rental is an independent pop rock quartet telling stories of the human experience. Propelled by the driving rhythms of Sean McDermott, the funky bass lines of Ben Steen, catchy riffs of Sean Ryan and the soulfully charming voice of Garrett Douglas; these young heartthrobs are here to make you feel things.

Mike Dunn & The Company

Mike Dunn blurs the boundaries between genre and discipline. He’s a singer/songwriter. An acclaimed photographer and videographer. A heartland rocker who’s no stranger to pop melodies and Americana atmospherics, creating an anthemic sound that’s every bit as inclusive as his work offstage.