Starbenders / The Haunt

Starbenders / The Haunt

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Starbenders are a rock-n-roll dream come true for every hard luck dreamer occupying this third stone from the sun. Singer/songwriter Kimi Shelter is the love child Johnny Thunders and Joan Jett should have had, raised with an impeccable education from Blondie Elementary School, Def Leppard High, Bowie College, and a Ph.D from Siouxie Sioux University in Fuck All Y’all. Aaron Lecesne brings ripping bass lines, vivid musicality, fashionista chic, and lightning rod stage energy. Kriss Tokaji is the literal embodiment of a Guitar Adonis whose fretboard mastery easily places him at the pinnacle of today’s young guns, a legend in the making. Then we have Emily Moon, the siren behind the drums, channeling her spiritual father (and namesake), Keith Moon, in a gorgeous tornado of sound and fury. This band has toured the world with everyone from Alice In Chains to Palaye Royale, destroying the entire house every time. They’ve issued twenty-six releases in eight years – singles, EPs, and LPs, including their 2020 full-length, Love Potions, for Sumerian Records. Another album’s worth of new material is currently awaiting release. With a work ethic as relentless as their fabulous vision, there is much more magic yet to come.

The Haunt

The Haunt conjures a wild, youthful and stylish indifference that reflects an era when rock n’ roll was ‘by and for’ the beautiful outcasts. Led by siblings Anastasia (20) & Maxamillion (23), the group creates a strong bond with fans through their live shows and online, by encouraging confidence and authenticity. 
 Their Alt-Rock-Pop sound elicits a feeling of both classic and contemporary rock/pop icons who have influenced their music, and denies any claim to chasing trends. 
 The band released their self-titled debut EP in 2018, produced by Josh Diaz, and Maxamillion Haunt. After touring with Palaye Royale throughout late 2018 and early 2019, the band spent time recording their sophomore EP “Social Intercourse” produced by Matt Good.

Forest Isn't Dead

Known for his introspective and candid lyrics, Atlanta based Alt/Pop artist Forrest Isn’t Dead pours out the stories of his life experiences and hardships through his unique and thought-provoking music. 
 Growing up with a single mother and limited resources, Forrest Kleindienst found early inspiration in music and skateboarding, which played a major role in developing his feelings about life and love. He later dove head first into writing original music, learning to play drums, guitar, piano, and of course singing. Artist like The Cure, My Chemical Romance, and Prince were big influences on his creative direction, but battling adversity and overcoming his own challenges were a benchmark towards shaping the person he is today. 
 Forrest’s debut album, The End of Everything was released on September 16, 2022 and has amassed over a million streams on Spotify, plays on YouTube and boasts multiple video placements on MTV’s SPANKIN’ NEW with singles “Fire”, “Born or Made” and “Heaven”.