The Minks

The Minks

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The Minks

The Minks are Nashville’s “psychedelic-blues” band, heavy on the rock and roll. We’re talking low-down, all the way, purse-lipped, eyes-shut, head-whirling kind of groove. In 2015, on a search for creative community, Nikki Barber started the band based on the idea that “if you don’t create, you’ll combust”. Just like a rock and roll circus, you never know what you’re going to get, but you know it’ll be good. The band’s palpable sound has roots in every music fan’s top ten—from Lou to Patti to Creedence to Hank – but blends them into something totally original and current. Mixed with raw, jangly instrumentation and soulful saccharine vocals, it’s as much a throwback as it is an answer to the often overlooked underbelly of Nashville’s rock and roll scene. Look for them, on tour forever, spreading the gospel of letting your hair down and having a good time.

Rare Birds

Bea Porges

Blending together the sounds of indie pop, acoustic melodies, and soft jazz, Bea Porges lives in her own lyrical world. Throughout the years, the 22 year old singer songwriter has been working her way through the scenes of Atlanta and Athens, GA, sharing her experiences through her evocative lyricism. Her songwriting has a penchant for detail and wit, creating images that feel simultaneously personal and nostalgic.

While her love for solo songwriting is at the core of her musical endeavors, Bea performs as a five piece, turning acoustic songs into powerful and danceable indie grooves. Her live shows incorporate loud and passionate instrumentation that compliments her truthful lyrics.

Filled with smooth electric guitar and sprinkled with the sounds of saxophone and lap steel, Bea’s debut EP “space and time”explores feelings of desire, longing, and letting go with nods to the artists and genres that inspire her most. Through her love for songwriting and creating a symphony of sound from scratch, Bea channels her inner lyrical world into a lived experience that is fuller and brighter.