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A product of the infamous city of Newark, NJ TheARTI$T is a rising musician who blends her stories into heartfelt frequencies that string at consumer’s heart’s from the first listen. As her success continues to grow, TheARTI$T has already added herself to the long list of talent from Newark.

Growing up surrounded by music, it’s no surprise that her dreams for global reach and impact have begun to flourish. The most recent traction surrounding her bonafide single Sober comes at a time where the skin in the game that TheARTI$T has put in since 2018 has begun to come to fruition.

As TheARTI$T continues to leverage her ability to turn pain into authentic chords, she will pull out all stops to reach anyone who uses her music to soothe themselves.

Amari Noelle

Beginning her career on the Soundcloud scene Million$$Maddy became Amari’Noelle. Hailing from Gary, Indiana Amari was raised by a family of creatives. Growing up watching her musical mother and attending a visual and performing arts academy it was no surprise that Amari would gravitate towards music herself. Transitioning from a basketball star to rising R&B artist Amari’Noelle is putting her all into her new music.


Clifford “Choszn” Flemmings is a twenty year old, multi-talented musician who is arguably the voice of a generation. Choszn is an R&B singer with an evocative voice and gift for lyrical storytelling. While R&B is the premise of Choszn’s musical story, Hip Hop and Soul live freely through him. Born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Miami, Florida, his dedication, life experiences and his ability to break the norms have been a pivotal point in his career.


Remi (Formerly Known As Aremitro$) is a 25-year-old R&B artist hailing from Blytheville, Arkansas. Born with a natural talent for singing, she began performing in church and events at a young age. She quickly developed a love for R&B music and was inspired by artists such as Kehlani, Brandy, Chris Brown, SZA and Justin Bieber.

Dee Gatti

Hailing from Dallas/Fort-Worth, Texas, Dee Gatti is poised to be the next breakout R&B superstar. Growing up in a single-parent home with 5 brothers and sisters, Dee and her family relied on each other to get through tough times. Before she found her calling in music, Dee would work night jobs to help make ends meet. With her family being the most important thing, her main goal has been to support them turning to music as a way to rise above the innumerable hardships she faced growing up in poverty.