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Tigercub step up to claim the front runner status as the new heavy. They emerge from Brighton UK under the 7 foot frame of Mr. Jamie Hall and his Tigercub.” ~ Stone Gossard

The signing of Tigercub on Loosegroove Records marks the reboot of the influential indie label that Gossard founded back in 1994 with Regan Hagar.

Significantly Gossard and Hagar signed Queens of the Stone Age and released the band’s debut album in 1998, providing a foundation to build to where they are now.

“When we discovered Tigercub, it felt like the right time to start Loosegroove back up,” says Hagar. Stone adds “It’s almost 23 years to date that Queens of the Stone Age debuted at Mercury Lounge in NYC. And now Tigercub made their sold out Big Apple debut in the same club on April 16th. This is just the beginning for this incredibly talented group from Brighton UK to enlighten us Yanks to the sound of the new heavy!”

The Props

World Is Watching

We are 5 humans who don’t listen to the same music, who don’t share the same spiritual or political beliefs, who can’t agree on whether it’s cool to smile in a band photo or not. Hell, we don’t even live within 50 miles of each other. 
 Trapped in a divisive and sometimes unkind world, our escape is to write music in an attempt to bridge the gap with our similarities…not our differences.