Yam Haus / Sawyer

Yam Haus / Sawyer

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Yam Haus

As one of the newest additions to Big Loud Rock’s roster, Yam Haus’ search for authenticity has found the perfect home. Pruitt, Beinlich and drummer Jake Felstow know they could’ve gone down a more mainstream pop-friendly rabbit hole for their new releases if they’d listened to the industry suits and producers around them after their sold-out headlining shows before the pandemic. Instead, they spent their time taking their music in a new direction.  The result is a catchy blend of indie rock that still serves up the unforgettable hooks Yam Haus became known for, while also bringing a new level of songwriting maturity and musical complexity to their tracks. The band is growing up alongside the Gen Z audience that dove into their old music, while also allowing their personality and humor to shine a bit more and earn an expanded audience with the new stuff.


Sawyer is the Nashville based duo of Kel Taylor and Emma Harvey. The band came into creation in 2015 after merging each of their solo projects. Since blending their voices and their narratives they’ve found fans across the country who’ve fallen in love not only with their music but their personalities. On TikTok they’ve showcased their humor and wit garnering +40k followers on the platform. On the road they’ve had tour support slots with The Aces, Nightly, and joan among others. In September of 2021 they signed their first publishing deal with Sheltered Music and Nashville based producer Cameron Jaymes (Daya, Spencer Southerland, Nightly.) The duo will be releasing more music through the end of 2020 and 2021.