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Invent Animate

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Invent Animate

Amid a generation gripped by loneliness, fear, and a desperate concern for the state of the world, Invent Animate are grabbing fans by the hand and choosing to walk with them.

There’s a sense of duty among the band – comprising vocalist Marcus Vik, bassist Caleb Sherradan, drummer Trey Celaya and guitarist Keaton Goldwire – to bare their own pain and tragedy for their listeners, indeed creating a safe, familiar place for listeners to process their own. It’s this deeply empathic and concerned approach to their output that sets Invent Animate apart, and has seen the band develop a close knit, cult-like following over their 10 years together. Stationed across Texas, Colorado and now Sweden (following Vik’s recruitment in 2019), the four-piece mark the latest addition to the UNFD roster. Home to a plethora of the band’s touring partners including Silent Planet and ERRA, alongside Spotify “sounds like” mates such as Like Moths To Flames, Void Of Vision, and Thornhill, Invent Animate perfectly complement their new label address with their ambient metalcore, djent and prog blends.

Void of Vision

From the heaving four tracks pulsing on CHRONICLES I: LUST, to the towering soundscapes of CHRONICLES II: HEAVEN and the futuristic, industrial flavours of CHRONICLES III: UNDERWORLD, CHRONICLES as a whole entity traverses the past, present and scintillating future of the relentlessly inventive Void Of Vision sonic DNA.


Vocalist Marcus Lundqvist is joined by Johan Liljeblad and Andreas Malm on guitars, and drummer Buster Odeholm (Vildhjarta/Humanity’s Last Breath) as thrown aim to spread their message of self-loathing through their mix of gut-punching metalcore and anger-inciting hardcore.


Swedish Alternative Metal act AVIANA are back in 2021 with frontman Joel Holmqvist introducing a new era of the band since the release of ‘Epicenter’ in 2019. Recent releases via German label Arising Empire in have all the elements you look for in a modern Metal band. 
 The new album ‘Corporation’ which is described rather as a collection of singles is out now via Arising Empire. 
 After touring UK, EU and Asia with bands like Crystal Lake, Adept, The Word Alive, Make Them Suffer and more, the band proves that Aviana is among the top of the scene and that we can expect further great things coming our way in the near future! 
 Stay updated in social media: @avianaswe — Catch AVIANA LIVE on tour in AUSTRALIA with Earth Caller and Cabal in April 2023, and in EUROPE with InVisions, Earth Caller and Dead Like Juliet in April/May 2023.