Internship Program

Rival Entertainment / Center Stage Atlanta Internship Program 

Position Description

This internship is comprised of office hours, show hours and on-site event hours. You will be working closely with our team to gain an in-depth understanding of aspects of venue operations, event production and marketing. Through experience and learning, this program will enable you to explore different fields of the concert and promotion industry and the event production industry.

  • Office hours are divided into two shifts per weekday. 11:00 am – 2:30pm and 2:30pm – 6:00pm. A minimum of three shifts per week are required. You are able to do multiple shifts in one day or split them up throughout the week. Although three shifts is the requirement, we encourage you to sign up for more than three shifts per week. You will sign up for office hours during the first week of the program. 
  • Show hours occur during shows on weekdays and weekends. Interns are required to work 4 show shifts each month. You will be assigned show shifts at the beginning of the month based on your availability. If you are not able to work an assigned show, it is your responsibility to communicate with other interns to get that show covered.
  • On-Site Event hours will vary depending on the season and which events we are currently working on. 

A Day in the Life of a Rival Intern: 

  • Venue Operations (Box Office Operations, Dressing Room Upkeep, and Marquee) 
  • Marketing (Social Media, Street Team, Design, Strategy, and Promotional Upkeep)
  • Event Production (Artist Coordination, Production Office Management, Site Operations, Hospitality and Production) 

Internship Semester: Each internship program is a 4 month term, typically beginning January, May, and September but flexible to cater to a student’s schedule. 

Dress Code: Dress code is comfortable, but presentable. A majority of your work will be in a music venue, but you are one of the many public faces of that venue and will be expected to dress (and act) as good representations of the business. 

School Credit: Intern applicants should be enrolled in a college program in which course credit is being earned.

To apply or request more info, email